A smart contract-based disintermediary energy trading platform



In 2017, the global electricity generated by new energy has occupied nearly 50% of the total power generation. Most countries are heavily funding clean energy for addressing carbon emission & global warming, and solar is growingly gaining its importance. An approximately $5,300 bn market which is yet to be developed indicates a very delightful future.


Smart contract with double encryption mechanism protects power consumers from malicious data collection or information stealing. Attacking one single power generating spot has no threat to the entire grid thanks to its distributed operation system, decentralized structure, and blockchain 3.0 technology. Information is well secured as well as safety is greatly promoted.


The solar power generating cost has a further decline due to the competition amongst equipment manufacturers: 18% reduction on global levelised cost of energy (LCOE) was realised in 2016 over 2015. Meanwhile, the electricity price of photovoltaic (PV) power station is almost same with conventionals, thus higher competitiveness of PV means continuous declining investments.


Apollochain Smart Metre

Apollochain smart metre SOL deploys Power Line Communication (PLC) technology based on the ITU-T G.9903 G3-PLC standard. Data is transmitted through the power grid cables and delivered directly to the user’s block, thus ensuring the security and privacy of the user's information. Apollochain categorises user data through AI and invokes user data through smart contracts. All the operations are non-manual and the user privacy is completely assured.

The main technical features of SOL:
  • Works in the frequency band of 10kHz to 490kHz, in line with FCC, CENELEC and ARIB standards
  • Maximum 6 kilometres coverage of single-hop
  • OFDM modulation technique to ensure the reliability of transmission
  • IEEE 802.15.4 MAC protocol
  • Supports the LOADng protocol

Craig Nalder



Mr Nalder has over 20yrs experience in the Energy industry as an entrepreneur, power developer, energy trader, economist and commercial advisor. He has held senior roles in the fields of energy trading, investment banking, power station development, regulation, solar energy, distributed generation and environmental markets. He has played a key role in the negotiation, structuring and financing of over $1.5bn in power generation projects in Australia/Asia, and is also the co-founder of a PV installation company in 2009 with revenues >$55M in the first year of operation. With extensive start-up experience, he has established and managed several generation, retail and proprietary trading desks as well as companies in Australia, India and the Philippines.

Huadong KONG

Co-Founder & Technical Partner


20 years of work experience in the power system. Director of the listed company's Energy Internet Planning Dept., formerly served as the Director of the Technical Research Centre of the Foshan Power Supply Bureau, Director of the State Inspection Centre, specialised in distribution network planning & operation, smart distribution network, smart micro-grid status monitoring and related fields, presided large-scale transmission and distribution projects and research projects.

Peter Turnbull

Technical Partner


As a skilled engineering director, Peter's 20 years experience ranges from project strategy, pre-contracts negotiations and design, to the project level where he offers highly-relevant and extensive experience. He has the competencies and qualifications to provide cost conscious solutions to various projects from building design to large scale solar and HV electrical systems.

Charles Allen



With over 25 years of experience in the construction, communications and electricity industries in Australia,Charles Allen is also an experienced strategic consultant with international experience over various markets including energy, utility, resources and infrastructure sectors.

Roman Voloshin

Sales Director


Roman Voloshin is our sales director and has over 10 years of experience in solar PV company incorporation, highly skilled in managing technical staff in identifying and analysing energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities in Agri-Business, Gov., commercial & industrial sectors-Business etc.


Chief Technical Advisor&Founer of Skycoin


Synth, one of the earliest developers behind Bitcoin, started Skycoin 8 years ago with a vision of creating a new, decentralized Internet. He sits on the advisory boards of several cryptocurrency projects. Synth has a background in mathematics, distributed systems, and symbolic logic.
He co-invented our smart metre, SOL, and offered significant support on building Apollochain’s underlying operation base.


Chief Energy-Tech Advisor


Principal Blockchain Analyst of China Cinda Securities, the biggest financial asset management company in China. He participated in the formulation of China's national definition of Energy Internet, and participated in the formulation and popularisation of China's National Energy Internet Action Plan. He is also the co-author with Ma Huateng (Pony Ma), the founder of Tencent, of the book "Internet +: National Strategic Action Roadmap"

Daniel Lightwing

Publicity Ambassador, China Region &Co-founder of castella research

Graduated from the University of Cambridge, was previously a web backend developer for the Google London office, experienced in the machine learning, high- frequency trading, gambling, etc. Silver medal holder of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), prototype of television documentary Beautiful Young Minds and X+Y, one of the most famous influencer on Zhihu (Chinese Quora) covering nearly 2mln followers.
Daniel will utilise his social influence to promote our project through his channels as well as participate our offline activities, sharing the knowledge of new energy blockchain.

Harry Hong

CTO of BitPortal


Graduated from University of Toronto, prior blockchain research scientist in Wanxiang Blockchain Reseach Labs, dedicated into blockchain development/investment after 5years of fullstack modern application developments.

The Skycoin Platform is the most advanced blockchain application ecosystem in the world. Developed by early contributors to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin’s platform is completely secure, infinitely scalable, and ISP independent. Backed by bandwidth, storage, and computation power Skycoin is built to fulfill Satoshi’s original vision.

APOLLOCHAIN has signed 4 strategic cooperation memos with our business partners in China, Australia, India, and Singapore, for collectively promoting smart renewable energy projects globally and integrating the blockchain technology with renewable energy projects.

Gravitas Energy is a wholly owned Australian company delivering cost effective solutions to reduce energy consumption and costs for commercial enterprises, schools, colleges, farms and all government enterprises.
Coara Solar develops and builds utility scale renewable energy projects for commercial rooftops, large scale ground mounted Solar Utility Farms and Solar Island Solutions focusing on emerging markets in South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

PNB Renewables India Pvt Ltd, which dedicates to new energy investments and turn-key solutions, is a company incorporated in India covers a wide range of businesses such as solar energy project design, construction, implementation, and maintenance services.


Unisun Energy Group, largest DG PV invester in China,world leading provider of comprehensive clean energy solutions,was invested by global energy magnate Engie Group .The Group owns branches in 28 provinces and municipalities of China, with projects covering over 50 cities nationwide. The Group is headquartered in Shanghai, China, the Group has also set up offices in tens of countries across the world including Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, the US and Australia.