What is Apollochain?

Apollochain is a clean energy trading platform based on smart contracts

What problems can Apollochain solve?

Apollochain will build a clean energy trading platform based on smart grid to allow all users to participate in power plant investment and power trading with flexible pricing, through three types of trading models and three pricing mechanisms. It will allow the participating users of the power generation side benefit from lower financing costs, and users on the power consumption side can pay a lower price for the electricity.

Apollochain, through smart grid, will get rid of the serious power loss during long distance transmission, improve the efficiency of power distribution, and meet the needs of users when the public network is powered down.

What value can Apollochain create?

Based on Apollochain, users can participate in every aspect of clean energy investment, construction, production, transportation, trading and consumption, so that they can share the dividends of the development of the clean energy industry.

1. Users can predict the investment income of the power stations and involve in the investment and construction by participating in power crowdfunding;

2. Users can use the smart meter to understand their family power consumption and forecast electricity usage;

3. Users can build their own power stations and purchase all the raw materials required for power plant construction on the platform, and sell electricity on Apollochain platform;

4. Users can install smart meters and purchase electricity on Apollochain platform;

5. Users can benefit from automatic payment and electricity charging by charging piles through Apollochain

6. Users can benefit from automatic payment and electricity charging of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) through Apollochain;

What is a smart meter? What role can it play?

Smart meters are Apollochain's intelligent terminals.

In addition to the electricity consumption metering function of traditional meters, smart meters also have the intelligent functions of electricity data storage, bi-directional multiple rate measurement, user-side control, multiple data transmission mode of bi-directional data communication, as well as the function of anti-stealing, in order to adapt to the use of smart grids and new energy sources.

Apollochain's smart meter will directly access the blockchain and use it to record user's purchase and sale of electricity and ensure that user data will not be stolen by any organization or individual. Because the data is stored in blocks, even the Apollochain staff has no way to access.

At the power sales side, all agencies involved in smart contracts use the smart grid to perform power dispatching to ensure that transactions are fast and reliable.

What is APL TOKEN? How does it work?

APL is the only electronic certificate used by the Apollochain energy trading platform to conduct power transactions which can be used to make electricity purchase. Users can also pay by APL to top-up their accounts of new energy automobiles, UAVs, and other devices which are on the blockchain, and use the charging piles and charging stations on Apollochain.

Release principle of APL?

The principle of releasing APL is that, after the power generation capacity (installed capacity) on Apollichain is increased to a certain amount, in order to meet the demand of the transaction, the new APL can be launched to meet the normal power trading. With the gradual increase in installed capacity, APL gradually unlocks in parallel. Since the total amount of APL is constant, the value of APL will increase as the installed capacity increases.

At the same time, APL also built-in a reverse buffer mechanism for its value decline of the secondary market.

In addition to trading on exchanges, APL can also perform spot and forward transactions of electricity on Apollochain platform. When the APL price in the secondary market declines, the electricity consumer in the power trading market would keen to purchase APL at a lower price, then hold the APL and wait for a suitable time so as to obtain a more favorable price when participating in power trading transactions. In particular, when the price of APL has fallen below the price of electricity trading on the main grid or fell below the electricity production price, APL will have significant arbitrage opportunities at the purchase end. The electricity consumers will not only increase their purchasing demand for APL on the exchange market, but also hold APL for a period of time to find the best time to buy, so that the APL supply of the secondary market will become smaller, thus stabilizing the APL price in the secondary market.

Is Apollochain an open source platform?

Yes, Apollochain is an open source platform based on blockchain. We are doing our best to build our application. In addition to open source code, we will actively contribute to various blockchain technology communities, especially SKYFIBER.

Is Apollochain a public blockchain?

No. Apollochain does not plan to lead another new public blockchain. However, Apollochain is a project based on Skycoin's Fiber platform, so Apollochain has its own blockchain and wallet (see the Skycoin White Paper to obtain the detailed information about our operation procedures).

Apollochain is essentially a new energy trading platform for building and deploying blockchain and IoT (Internet of things) technologies.

Who is a competitor to Apollochain? What makes Apollochain stand out?

Theoretically, all blockchain-based energy trading platforms are competitors to Apollochain.

Apollochain’s advantages:

1. Apollochain's Australia team consists of industry experts who have accumulated more than 20 years of experiences in the power trading field;

2. Apollochain has signed strategic cooperation agreements with companies in Australia, Singapore, and India. The strategic developing map of Apollochain is: non-regulated electricity markets in Australia, Southeast Asia, and other countries in the world (please refer to Apollochain's Technical White Paper);

3. Synth, the founder of the Apollochain team and Skycoin, has co-developed the core components of our smart meter based on blockchain technology and is ready to apply for a patent;

4. Unlike our competitors who issue two or more TOKENs, Apollochain combines the installed capacity with TOKEN, and has a unique release logic, and introduces the reverse buffering mechanism of the secondary market to prevent plummet;

5. With the profound understanding of the photovoltaic industry, Apollochain team has pioneered the integration of power plant crowdfunding and electricity pre-sale into its own ecosystem;

6. Apollochain team has gained extensive experience in power station operation and maintenance, and will set up its own power plant operation and maintenance team in the future and will open the monitoring data of the power plant in real time to the users of the Apollochain platform and perform operation and maintenance of the power station;

7. Apollochain is in the process of setting up its overall arrangement for electricity retail. In the future, Apollochain will sell electricity to consumers at lower retail prices;

8. Apollochain only focuses on new energy.